Monday, September 7, 2009

What Resource Materials Are Available To Assist In My Preparation?

The California Science Center's website is a great way to review with the students what they will be learning or seeing while on their field trip. It allows you to click on each exhibit, and gives a general description of what each room contains.

I would also make sure that I was planning this field trip around a unit which focuses on what our class will be seeing. This will require careful unit planning. This is important for the students to better grasp the concepts while receiving hands on demonstrations of is being learned in class.


  1. I like your idea about planning this fieldtrip around a unit that focuses on one of the exhibits on display. I agree with you that it would take careful planning, but since you have the website link which explains the exhibits at the time, I'm sure it would be possible to carry out your idea. It would be beneficial for your students to see for themselves what they learn about in class.

  2. Good insight Kelly about including this fieldtrip as part of a unit of study. The students will understand more if you prepare them for their learning experiences. The Science Center is a great resource- but there is So much to see that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Great work on your blog!