Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Would I Need to Adequately Prepare My Students Before the Visit?

Three of the exhibit rooms at the California Science Center remain the same, while one changes every few months. I would make sure to look online to see what exhibit is being displayed at the time of visiting. This is just to ensure that you are able to give the students a brief description of what they will be seeing whileat the science center.

A few days before the day of the field trip, I would make sure that the students knew about the different exhibit rooms they would be seeing. I would have them create a KWL chart (what we Know, what we Want to know, what we Learned) for each room, that way the students can create questions that they will want to learn while attending each room.

A field trip journal would also be needed for each student, which will allow the students to take notes, draw pictures, and answer certain questions that will be given by the teacher.

I will make sure that the students know the proper behavior rules while attending the field trip.

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  1. Since you are using this fieldtrip during the learning process of whatever topic you choose, I like the way that you use the KWL chart in order to give students a purpose or seeing the exhibits. Again, careful planning would need to take place so that students know what they will see ahead of time, but you are aware of that already since you will make sure to check online to see what exhibits are on display. Good job!